SMART Academic Prep

Why SMART Academic Prep

At SA Prep we offer unparalleled tutoring experience. To ensure that students get the most out of their instruction time, we offer small classes, experienced teachers and a unique plan for each student to leverage their abilities and maximize results.  We specialize in all standardized test preparation and admission process.   Whether you are applying to a high school, college or graduate school we can help simplify the process and raise your scores.

What can you expect from SA Prep?

  • Increase your score
  • Experienced, certified teachers
  • Instructors that are experts in test prep strategies
  • Choice of private, semi-private or small class tutoring
  • FREE practice tests and all other pertinent materials
  • Individualized plan for each student
  • Increase in self-confidence during test taking
  • Concrete, applicable strategies to help you increase your score
  • Limited, Small Class size
  • Convenient Make Up sessions
  • Broader college acceptance offers
  • Time management skills while test taking
  • Become more proficient in skills, knowledge and reasoning
  • Use what you know to your advantage while taking the test
  • Actual SAT/ACT practice tests, proctored in a test environment

The choosing, applying and getting into college can be a very intimidating and stressful process.  Our tutors can make that process easier and more successful by helping increase the SAT and/or ACT scores, which play such an important role in that process.  We can use our expertise and experience to guide you to do the best you can on the tests so you can concentrate on other parts of the admission process.  Receiving a better score on your SATs/ACTs will broaden your college choices.

Before And After: 

Diagnostic Tests:

As we start to get to know each student, we would like to learn as much as possible about their unique situation.  Previous scores, learning styles, academic history, schedule preferences and any other information you’d like to share with us will help us design and recommend the best learning path for student’s success on the standardized test.

Taking practice tests is extremely important when preparing for standardized testing.  Practice increases comfort level, self confidence, as well as, helps apply the strategies learned.  At the start of any program it is very important to take a diagnostic test that mimics the real SAT/ACT.  Our diagnostic test is proctored like a real standardized test. We use tests that were prepared by the actual test makers, which gives our experts and the student a starting score we can use to develop a unique plan to help them succeed.  The test is graded and reviewed with each student at the next session, providing individualized suggestions on improvement throughout the course.  Two full diagnostic tests are included in our group classes, one in the beginning and one closer to the end of the course.   Shorter practice tests are administered throughout.

After the course:

The SATs and the ACTs can be taken more than once.  We suggest at least two times, at most three times, for the SATs and no more than two times for the ACTs.  Most colleges combine best scores on separate sections for the SATs to give you a “superscore”.  Taking the SAT more than once gives you the opportunity to increase each of your sections’ score at a time.  For the ACT, however, most colleges look at your composite score.  After you complete your first preparation course, we can help you decide what comes next.  What would be the best road to take for even further improvement?